Staging Consultation

$75 USD


  • Questionnaire
  • Book Your Design Consultation

Included in the Staging Consultation:

The first step is a consultation where we preview the interior and exterior of the home to assess what needs to be done to prepare the house for sale. It typically lasts for 1 hour of the home is occupied, 20-30 minutes if it is vacant. After the consultation, StandOUT provides a comprehensive staging plan to present the property at its best. Each plan is unique to that home.

From there, you as the homeowner can determine whether you want to go forward with StandOUT doing all or some of the recommended work. A quote is provided for extended services, such as possible furniture and accessory rental, staging for photography or a full home prep walk through. All costs & fees are noted up front in the staging plan.

**Limited to Reno, NV. and area within 20 mile radius

Extended Services

Once the scope of work is determined in the consultation, you can choose what level of service will suite you best:

Full Walk-Through

  •   This comprehensive walk through starts with the entry and goes to the garage and basement. You receive a written report of suggestions and recommendations to get your house ready to sell for top dollar!

Photo Ready

  •   A picture is worth a thousand words, and we want your potential buyers to say, “I’ll take it!” Working with your current artwork, accessories and furnishings, Stacy will style your home to make it look it’s best for the photos shoot. In addition, she offers tips and recommendations for future showings as well.

Staging with Furniture & Accessories

  •   for both vacant and occupied homes, additional furniture & accessories may be needed. During the initial consultation, it is determined what rooms would be best to stage. (most of the time, the entire house does not need to be furnished). Seller is given proposal for staging that includes a 90 day furniture and accessories rental fee, plus staging costs for half a day or full day installation.